Arabidopsis thaliana (Thale Cress)
putative invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor

transmembrane spans all TM predictions

Alpha helix TM span predictions

alpha helix TMs: low..high average hydrophobicity
consensus alpha helix TMs: weak..strong score
N-terminal cleavable signal peptide
cytoplasmic / non-cytopl. orientation of N-terminus
Click on image elements for alpha helix TM details and hydropathy profile
subcellular location spans subcellular location

Subcellular location predictions

chloroplast location weakly...strongly predicted
mitochondrion location weakly...strongly predicted
secretory pathways location weakly...strongly predicted
nucleus location
weakly...strongly predicted
See also SUBA database
lipid modification
GPI-attachment big-PI FragAnchor GPI-SOM
Myristoylation NMT PlantsP_Myr TermiNator
Farnesylation PrePS-FT
Geranylgeranylation PrePS-GGT-Caax PrePS-GGT-Rab
Palmitoylation CSS-Palm

Lipid modification predictions

Posttransl. lipid modification weakly...strongly predicted

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